Peter Mulvey
Peter Mulvey Peter Mulvey's latest album, Notes from Elsewhere (Signature Sounds) is a retrospective collection of the very best songs Mulvey has written and performed over his 15 year recording career. Recorded solo in a studio, these are fresh takes on songs that have become fan and critic favorites over the years. While Mulvey's previous band-backed albums showcased the songs, these solo versions allow each song to shine on its own demonstrating Peter's strengths as a songwriter.

Peter Mulvey began as a self-described "city kid" from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He played, wrote, and sang in bands while studying theatre at Marquette University. After graduating, he traveled to Ireland, where he learned the trade of busker on the streets of Dublin. Returning to the U.S. a few years later, he settled in Boston, building an audience through street and subway performing, while also immersing himself in the thriving musical community. Since his 2000 release The Trouble with Poets, Mulvey has found a home with the venerable indie label Signature Sounds Recordings. His most recent albums for the Massachusetts label were the 2006 release The Knuckleball Suite, the 2004 release Kitchen Radio, the 2003 collaborative Redbird album (with label-mates Kris Delmhorst and Jeffrey Foucault), and his 2001 CD, Ten Thousand Mornings, an album of cover songs recorded entirely in the subways of Boston. MOJO described the album as "simultaneously Mulvey's homage to his one-time training ground and a beautifully atmospheric record of gifted interpretations."

Always looking for ways to further immerse himself in language, art, and music, Mulvey has also scored music for theatre and modern dance, and has had numerous songs featured in film and television including various WB programs and PBS documentaries.

Critical acclaim for Mulvey has been consistent and enthusiastic over the years:

THE WASHINGTON POST: "The subtle power of his voice, a husky, hushed baritone... understated, at once sophisticated and intimate... as cover-worthy as Randy Newman, Elvis Costello and Dar Williams."

THE IRISH TIMES: "Peter Mulvey is consistently the most original and dynamic of the US singer-songwriters to tour these shores… A phenomenal performer with huge energy, a quick fire, quirky take on life, and an extraordinary guitar style… a joy to see."

ROLLING "A voice lush and hushed that occasionally sinks into a whisper... imagery made all the more haunting by guitarist/co-writer David Goodrich, whose sundry string bending ranges from loose ramblings around the neck... to freeform explorations that recall John Scofield... surrealistic beauty."

MAVERICK MAGAZINE (UK): "Shades of Tom Waits' depth... moments of Bruce Cockburn-like brilliance all over the place... this is a CD that will figure in many Top 10 of the year selections."

In addition to the critical acclaim that his recorded works have brought him, though, Peter Mulvey is also highly regarded (and respected by his fellow musicians) as a serious disciple of the road. Touring rigorously, year in and year out, has made him who and what he is. Traveling from Ireland to Anchorage and all points in between, whether playing solo, duo, or with a full-on rock back, live performance is what defines his work and is where he shines. Most recently, his touring career took an interesting turn, when Mulvey decided to embark on the "Look Ma, No Gasoline Tour" - a ten day, 300 mile concert tour of southern Wisconsin, to which he rode entirely on his bicycle.

Regardless of the many twists, turns, and facets of Peter Mulvey's career, his newest release, Notes from Elsewhere, brings it all back to where it started - the man, his guitar, and the song.