Jovial Flow
Jovial Flow Initially a two-man band, singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist John Etzel and lead guitarist Scott Brubach decided in late 2003 to find more musicians to complete their sound, and also ease some of the burden of satisfying an overwhelming influx of groupies. A pair of twins (to John and Scott’s dismay, not the Olsens) answered the call. Drummer Matt Bailey and Bassist Andy Bailey brought an eclectic mix of talent and twin-telepathic chemistry to the band.They complete each other’s sentences, and sometimes complete each other’s meals, which is kind of disgusting.Now they just needed a name that represented their vision and vibe...and Jovial Flow was born.Then in late 2004, keyboardist Jonathan Barth surrendered to the flow, solidifying an already morphing sound and pushing it to new levels.

In these trying times where we live under the cloak of fear and the uncertainty of tomorrow, Jovial Flow brings positive, high-energy rock that helps the audience forget their problems (and in the right setting, make drinking even more beneficial). With a style that merges and weaves bluegrass, rock, folk-rock, country, and a few power ballads thrown in for good measure (the chicks dig ‘em), Jovial Flow delivers a soulful sound and attitude all their own.

This sound can be experienced on their demo (DEMOnstrates, courtesy of Off Guard Records), and live in bars and clubs all over Ohio, especially in Columbus, as Jovial Flow further develops and evolves their craft in an effort to build on their substantial base and take the next step toward huge success. Not bad for a bunch of white guys from the Midwest.