2U-The World's 2nd Best U2 Show
2U-The World's 2nd Best U2 Show Begun in 2000, This U2 tribute band has become globally renown as "The World's 2nd Best u2 Show". Quite simply, this band has created the most accurate live reproduction of studio version U2 songs. U2 has the right to perform their songs any way they'd like to. After all, they wrote them. We felt that U2 fans would prefer to hear the versions they've become accustomed to hearing on the radio. 2U h...as painstakingly assembled the most talented, and dedicated musicians for this purpose alone. The resulting band is amazing. All of the members are long time professional musicians who do nothing but play/record/promote and/or otherwise have dedicated their lives to music as a full time living. Come to a live show and see for yourself...This is not hype...It's only an accurate description.See More