Dub Fx
Dub Fx Dub FX (real name Benjamin Stanford) is a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. After playing and singing in a band called Twitch, he set out solo when he moved to Europe. His trademark is creating rich live music using only his own performance aided by Live looping and effect pedals combined with his voice. He creates intricate hip hop, reggae and drum and bass rhythms.]

Stanford travels and performs with his fiancee, Flower Fairy. Dub FX first met her in Manchester, and she joined him in his travels around the globe to busk for the public. Flower Fairy can usually be seen selling CDs during Dub FX's performances and also performs a few songs alongside Stanford. She is featured singing in the songs on Everythinks A Ripple, Wandering Love, and Time Will Tell. Two songs from Everythinks A Ripple, Flow and Wandering Love, feature a street saxophonist named Mr Woodnote, who also uses similar looping techniques as Dub FX using a saxophone. In 2010 Dub FX collaborated with Melbourne based producer Sirius and released the album titled: Dub FX and Sirius -A crossworlds. A Crossworlds could be defined as dubstep because of the heavy emphasis on sub frequencies and the tempo's used ranging from 138 - 145Bpm. Dub FX does not beatbox on this album. Any information on how Dub Fx and Sirius came to collaborate or meet is unknown.

Dub FX is also part of the dubstep act Kila Mega Giga Tera, the other half being Glade Kettle (Distro)(aka Sirius) They have one song release to date on aquatic lab sessions volume 1. A CD and limited edition vinyl compilation released in 2009. Kila Mega Giga Tera also have a forthcoming album which is yet to surface.

Dub FX is completely independent using only: live performance, word of mouth, internet social networking and a number of easily accessible free samples. Dub FX is also the main founder of the label Convoyun.ltd which could be described as a co-op label for Dub FX's own work and other people's. To date artists that have released albums on Convoyunltd are: Flower Fairy, Sirius, Mr Woodnote, and Dub FX. With additional featured artists on separate songs of each album. Every album released through Convoy Un.Ltd has been produced by Dub FX with the exception for Dub FX & Sirius's release, A Crossworlds, a collaboration album released in 2010 which revealed a much darker and instrumental sound.

His lyrics both address generalized world events and contemporary angst while suggesting individual based revolution through self determination and engagement.

He also addresses issues of social importance, the most notable example being the song "Society's Gates", loosely based on the life of the philosopher Socrates.