Monkey "The Hardest Working Band on the West Coast"

MONKEY is a 6 piece high-energy organ driven, Ska/Reggae group from the SF Bay Area. Their intense live shows and rock-steady rhythms not only get the crowds dancing, it has won them several awards, like the prestigious California Music Award!

MONKEY sets the pace for the local music scene. The band performs over 200 shows per year, while constantly recording and touring.

MONKEY has 3 full-length albums, and has also been featured on over 25 compilations, video games and film soundtracks, including the new independent horror-comedy Russ Meyer tribute "Pervert the Movie" on Stag Films.

MONKEY has toured the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, & Mexico. Currently, the band is gearing up support their international interests in Japan to support their new Japanese compilation release "Monkeyska" (Disc Union Ltd.).

MONKEY has supported world class acts like: Bad Manners, The Specials, The English Beat, The Skatalites, Fishbone, The Slackers, Hepcat and many more...


Monkey Ska - Ska Go Round/Disc Union Limited
Cruel Tutelage - Asian Man Records
Station Wagon Living - Deluxe Entertainment
Astro E.P. 2000 - Deluxe Entertainment
Station Wagon Living - Deluxe Entertainment
Changito! - Deluxe Entertainment
Monkey! - Demo/Self Released


Puro Eskañol II - Aztlan Records
Bay Area Ska - Tomato Head Records
Freedom Sounds - Shanachie Records
West Coast Skampolation - Full Stop Records
Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae - Steady Beat Records
Sofa's Choice - Little Lucky Records
Skarmaggedon III - Moon Ska Records
Reggae Soundsystem - Live 105 FM
Monkey/Unsteady Split 7" - Asian Man Records
Mail Order is Fun! - Asian Man Records
Live From Mars - Random Order Records
Potluck Ska - Stub Daddy Records
Groovin' in the Grass - University of AZ
Who's the Man? - Full Stop Records
Mario from Italy - Green Fridge Records
Soundoff 2001 - Ultravibe Records
F*ckin Free! - Bay Area Ska
Still Standing - Jump Up Records
Winners Vol. 1 - Independent Musician Magazine


Maui Fever episode I - MTV 2006
Pervert The Movie - Stag Films
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Starving Artists Films
Big Air - Accolade Games
ESPN Extreme Sports - ESPN (Tahoe, CA)
Mornings On Bay TV - KRON (SF, CA)
Late Night w/James Gabbert - WB 20 (SF, CA)

¡MONKEY is the California Music Award Winning Reggae/Ska Band from the San Francisco Bay Area!