Elf Lettuce
Elf Lettuce Elf Lettuce is a hard touring band whose music is as true to its early rock and blues roots as the band members are to their roots in the Midwest. In the past few years Elf Lettuce has quickly established itself as a growing force in the Midwest music scene. Fans that have experienced their concerts at 10KLF, Milwaukee's Summerfest, Big Wu Family Reunion, Bella Madre and many more agree that the band has a classic, yet innovative sound and the energy in their live shows is sonically contagious. In the group's improvisation-friendly performances, their fan base can detect a strong roots-rock and blues presence with overtones of bluegrass, country, folk, jazz, and funked-out melodies. Guitarist Jacob Lison's virtuoso playing can recall "slow hand" style picking, and in a split second, it can boil over into a tempest of fiery psychedelia. Bassist Eli Reichenberger and drummer Joe Murray weave a tapestry of inter-locking rhythm that set the perfect tone for second guitarist Alex White's country-blues style. After sharing the stage with amazing artists like Hot Buttered Rum, Trampled by Turtles, Clyde Stubblefield, Dr. Didg, Down Lo, and many others, the band members continue to diversify their musical styles through the influence of the amazing talent they're privileged to work with. It's a sure-fire formula for keeping their original sound evolving for their avidly dedicated fan base.