One World Tribe
One World Tribe Little Fish recording artist One World Tribe was founded on the premise of bringing together musicians of various backgrounds in order to break down social and racial barriers. Consisting of members from Africa, United States, Jamaica and Puerto-Rico, OWT is a true multicultural ensemble. They make a statement just by being on the stage making great music together. There's no division in their camp, they embrace both what makes them different as well as what makes them alike. They have one of the most unique story's of the American music scene over the last decade. Blessed with an array of individuals that one finds fascinating the OWT story is made of the stuff of pop culture legend. Then there's the icing on the cake, these guys can flat out play and i mean all of them. The bands early reputation was made upstaging national headliners. This is not surprising considering the fact that several of the members play in national recording acts. Their musicianship often draws comparison to groups such as Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire. Known in pockets of the northeast as the hippest band in the land OWT is a solid bet to bring the fire where ever they go.