Noctaluca In the summer of 2003, singer-songwriter Jason Ludwig decided to elevate his award-winning solo effort into something now bigger, louder, and more expansive than before. Helping to drive the growling engine he calls noctaluca are rhythmic onslaughters the Schlunt brothers and award-winning guitarist Aaron Almashy, three adept players who possess the creative grease to power smoothly through Ludwig's gear-shifting style of writing.

When fans describe noctaluca, they hearken back to the cream of the classic crop--Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, the Doors. But noctaluca, through innovative lyrics, deep rhythmic pockets, and progressive exploration adds their own unique twist, delivering an uncontrived hit list of all the greatest capstones of the genre.

Their recent debut release Towering the Sum was hailed as one of the best records in the past decade by former long-time Guns 'N Roses manager Alan Niven, who recently befriended the band. After hearing the first five tracks from Towering the Sum with the critical and seasoned ear of a professional, he was anxious to hear the rest. "I said to myself, 'Don't screw it up now, boys... I think you've definitely got a record here.'" Indeed, one listen tells you these guys are rock 'n roll's dark horse, the Midwest's answer to the tired modus-operandi of cookie-cutter rock outfits. To Niven and other key industry insiders, if they aren't already, noctaluca will soon be a force to be reckoned with.