Hillstomp There's a banjo, slide guitar, buckets, car parts, washboard, a kick drum and ass shaking,

It sounds like BOOM CHANK BOOM CHANK WACKITA WACKITA WACKITA careening out of a boom box strapped to a shopping cart. In the cart are two 40 year old children. They have unwisely strapped an engine to the cart and it's way too big and running way too hot. They are hurtling towards a blown out bridge while the bad front wheel of the cart flaps manically back and forth. Due to childhoods spent watching Dukes of Hazard and eating glue, these two man-child idiots think they can jump the bridge and land safely on the other side. They are very wrong but no one has told them because...well, they just seem so happy. Besides for some damn reason your bouncing around like a nutter yourself and deep down you hope they make it. This is all happening in a tin can and god damn if it isn't beautiful.