Dion Paci & G.Calvin Weston's Mad Cow
Dion Paci & G.Calvin Weston's Mad Cow Welcome to another year. 2006 will find G. Calvin Weston up to some of his old tricks as well as some new ones. So keep a look out because you'll never know where or when you may run across him.

MAD COW PRODUCTIONS - the brainchild of Dion Paci & G. Calvin Weston - will continue to spread & affect those it encounters with its unbridled improvisation. Last Saturdays at Tritone will continue in February as well as a first Thursday series at World Cafe Live, now both sides of Philly can get a taste of MAD COW. Check the concert listings for the artists du jour.

February will find Calvin going into the studio with some of his Lounge Lizard cohorts to score music for Nickelodeon's cartoon series The BackYardAgains. The music scored will be for the upcoming season (not the current) & will feature Steven Bernstein, Doug Weisselman, Michael Blake, Mauro Refosco, & Evan Lurie among others.