Austin Bridges
Austin Bridges Austin Bridges uniquely captures the influences of 60's and 70's rock writing infectious original music. Led by the compelling songwriting team of vocalist David Heritier and lead guitar player Ryan Brown, the Austin Bridges sound is driven by insightful and meaningful melodic lyrics accompanied by emotionally charged guitar riffs. The four young up and coming musicians from Indianapolis appeal to diverse audiences playing their widely popular original music all around the Midwest. Mark Lush, writer for Midwest noted, “…they are also building a huge fan base, and earning their reputation as great entertainers! By the end of the year, they will have played for a lot of people...” The band continues to do so.

Austin Bridges sets themselves apart from other regional bands with their high energy onstage presence and inventive songwriting. They have taken the form of popular music from the ‘bubblegum,’ stereotype and have replaced it with meaningful lyrics and undeniably catchy hooks. Kelly McKay, DJ for Indianapolis radio station WZPL reviewed, “…Austin Bridges offers up a wide selection of great songs to choose from, I think Austin Bridges is the kind of band that would fit right in on a commercial rock station, if given a chance". Presently, the band is seeking out new venues and audiences to share their music with.

Austin Bridges recently released their first full length LP titled, “Awake the Day”. The buzz around the area for not only the band, but their first album was unheard of in the days preceding its release. “The title song, "Awake the Day," begins with some unusually cool acoustic strumming… This is easily one of the best songs on the album, definitely the most colorful and multi layered. Once again, an awesome guitar solo…” Rob Smith, writer for the Indiana Statesman agreed with all other reviews of Austin Bridges. When you listen to Austin Bridges, you will experience “a new sound, while keeping in mind already familiar traits…” Ryan Miller, Indiana Daily Student (Indiana University).