The Thrills
The Thrills ‘Teenager’ is the The Thrills’ third album. The five-man group from Dublin had put together two outstanding albums in two years – ‘So Much For The City’ in 2003 and ‘Let’s Bottle Bohemia’ in 2004 – racking up sales well in excess of a million copies. Having toured non-stop for four and a half years, the band established their credentials as one of the key acts of the decade, and got a taste of what it is like to perform at some of the biggest venues in the world, in the company of U2 and Oasis, amongst others.

The Thrills decamped to Vancouver in 2006 for the recording of the new album, with producer Tony Hoffer once again at the helm. Having made the first two albums in LA, the band made a deliberate decision to avoid the sunny ambience of California and opted instead for the Warehouse studio, located in “the worst neighbourhood in all of Canada”. The change of scene imbued the band with a renewed intensity and a fresh perspective on every angle of writing, arranging and recording their music. The resulting album is intimate and reflective, more personal and closer to home than the previous two. ‘Teenager’ speaks of adolescence, the loss of innocence and of leaving it all behind. It is the sound of a band re-invigorated by the simple love of working and playing together again.