Larry he journey began in a dirty little garage lost somewhere in Austin. By freak accident Andy, Steve and Tom Vickers moved in together at the same time Mike McCluer moved to Austin.Steve was playing drums in a band called MUPHUNGUS and Andy, Spanky and Tom began using their "studio" (the garage) to jam. Being of a more than slightly limited musical vocabulary the three boys played all they knew, WIDESPREAD PANIC. Though limited, the music felt so good they were quickly joined by old friends Rick and Jeff and coaxed into opening for Muphungus on December 21, 1995. The fact that this merry band played The Panic along with their hearty 5 originals quickly netted them a residency at the local dive "The White Rabbit," where they were promptly billed as playing all PHISH covers.

On the night of their first show a gentleman sat in front and heckled the band to play Phish all night, but LARRY didn't know one of their tunes. Although never receiving his wish this man liked the band so much he joined up and became known as Fee, the musical genius. And so it began.

Since this illustrious beginning LARRY has built a huge family stretching throughout Texas and Colorado and slowly seeping into the pores of America. They have played with many amazing bands from around the country including Merl Saunders, Leftover Salmon, Grey Boy Allstars, Col. Bruce and ARU, and Chris Duarte. June of 1997 saw the release of LARRY'S long awaited Independent CD Here I Am. In November of 1997 LARRY was honored to be joined on stage by Domingo Ortiz, the percussionist from Widespread Panic and a true hero to LARRY and many of their fans, for an unbelievable show at The Mercury in Austin.

In October of 1998 LARRY recorded the show that was to be their second CD. While mixing down the tapes of the show with producer Larry Telford the band invited to join Willie Nelson's new independent record label, Luck Records. Two months later bassist Mike McCluer decided the road had punished him for long enough and left to start a family. As fate would decree, the members of LARRY were already good friends with a starving young bass monster, starving to make as much music as possible. Bob "The Pocket" Perkins quickly fit into the insanity. 1999 saw the band stretch their legs out through Georgia and begin to carry the word worldwide with the start of their discussion group on the internet. They played multiple live internet broadcasts including their latest on They played 156 shows. In January of 2000 LARRY was approached by a man who wanted to put them onto a live compilation CD with two other bands from across the country. Lauan Records had gotten the LARRY bug. A couple of months later they were offered a sponsorship by An Honest Tune Magazine. The family just kept growing and growing, and continues to grow. Through die hard fan support and a large grassroots following LARRY has built a relationship of love, music and good friends that seems as infectious as it is downright fun. LARRY Loves You!