Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets
Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets Dave Geoghegan - guitar, guitar-synth, vocals
Dave is a founding member of Dr. Jah, and keeper of the primal reggae fire.

Before Dr. Jah, Dave played guitar in the Green Scene, with some friends (like future/one-time Dr. Jah soundman, Dan Ireland). Seeing how much fun bands like Foster's Market and Bootleg were having prompted Dave to pick up a guitar and start practicing. His irrepressible, good-natured self-confidence already made him a natural in front of an audience.

Dave is Dr. Jah's main songwriter, creating both lyrics and music. He plays guitar --sometimes reshaped by his guitar synth into a flute, sax, organ or something else entirely -- and drum synthesizer, plus he handles his share of the singing with flair.

The 2005 Dr. Jah release, Who Feels It Knows It, was recorded and mixed in Irish Rose Studio. Dave is the man behind the studio (named in honor of his Mom) as well as Really High Records, Dr. Jah's record label.

Pete O'Hearn - guitar, vocals
Pete is the other founding guitarist of Dr. Jah, and is usually the one the band turns to first for lead vocals. He's the only member of the band who actually saw Bob Marley & the Wailers perform, though he doesn't hold it against the rest when the music starts.

Prior to finding his home in Dr. Jah, he played with Foster's Market and Random Coolzip, an infamous Rye Bread super-group. He also was called on to fill in (at different times) for both Dave and Juan of Half~Step after various mishaps forced them temporarily off-stage.

Pete is also an expert on the repair and maintenance of pipe organs via his work with the Carey Organ Company.

Aston "Robot" Ellis - Bass
Bass player, vocal and musical arranger, Aston "Robot" Ellis comes from a family that has been apart of the Jamaican entertainment industry for over 60 years. His uncle, Alton Ellis, is a pioneer of the rock steady era, who was recnetly honored by the Jamaican Government with the "Order of Distinction," and his aunt Hortense Ellis was the first Jamaican women to ever record a song. Aston has performed for over 20 years throughout the United States, Jamaica, Asia, and England.

Steve Gifford - drums
Steve joined Dr. Jah in the Fall of 2001, after holding down the drum seat for such local favorites as Smart Alex, A.D.'s, Countdown, El Extreme and 2 Big.

Steve had done sound for the band a few times, and was the right man in the right place at the right time when the drum slot opened. His seasoned approach and metronomic sense of time have helped solidify Dr. Jah's big bottom sound.

Steve also did the hard labor to set up Irish Rose Studio, and has done sound design, manufacture and installations with Dalbec Audio Laboratory.

David Oliver - Piano
David Oliver is a keyboardist/composer from the Catskill Mountain region of New York. Aside from a 17 year tenure with Jamaican mast drummer Winston Grennan, and the Ska-Rocks Band, David has performed and recorded with the following Reggae and Jazz musicians: Karl Berger, Dan Brubeck, The Clarendonians, Pat Kelly, Paul McCandless, Tommy McCook and the Ska-jaz Band, Toots and the Maytals, Lynn Taitte, and Vic Taylor.