Grilled Lincolns
Grilled Lincolns Meet The Grilled Lincolns, also known as "The G-Linx" for short, one of the hottest bands in Baltimore! This group of five talented musicians-Riddie Becker, Rob "Raw B" Dubois, Mike "Tron" Bakke, Jeremy Ragsdale, and Andy Hall a/k/a "Big Slop (Spittin Lyrics On Point)"-was founded in 2000.

The G-Linx have been playing sold out shows in the Baltimore/DC metropolitan area and along the east coast. Influenced by rock, blues, hip-hop, jazz and reggae, The Grilled Lincolns have created a unique, funky style that appeals to more than one genre of music lover.

In a world of cookie-cutter cover bands, The Grilled Lincolns have perfected their own original musical style that is highly addictive. You probably haven't heard anything quite like it. The Grilled Lincolns' exciting stage presence and high energy live sets have made them quite the buzz around town. From playing shows like ARTSCAPE (America's largest free music and arts festival) to being accepted to the 2009 roster for The Armed Forces Entertainment to entertain our troops overseas; they have been recognized as a strong up-and-coming force in the music industry.

The Grilled Lincolns will captivate your soul-either by Riddie's electric guitar solos, Raw B, Big Slop and Tron's quick-witted, freestyle hip-hop lyrics, or Jeremy's funk-jazz keyboard chops. When they are playing the hugely popular lyrical anthem "Raised by Wolves" or the melodically groovy "Green Light", The G-Linx originals will keep you captivated by their funky rhythm, fresh lyrics and addictive hooks. It's guaranteed you'll be singing one of their songs for a week!

Currently working on their third studio album, The Grilled Lincolns' first two studio albums have met wide public acclaim and have made The G-Linx a staple in the regional live music arena. Impressive to both professional musicians and live music enthusiasts, a G-Linx show offers something for everyone.