Lost Souls
Lost Souls Together since 1996,a quartet based out of Pittsburgh, Pa is making music that they truly believe in. Blending alternative and modern rock with a fresh focus collective energy that carries thru there playing. This is the result of one of the most exciting live bands around. Lost Souls songs and harmonies have a live- biting edge, in addition to a trance-like sound, the sound is raw but melodic, using content that instinctively moves through a sensational colored environment. Co-founders and brothers, Greg and Jeff Dunsmore demonstrate that they are not only talented, but working hard to turn there childhood dreams into a reality. Greg with his soul-searching poetic lyrics delivers a powerful baritone growl, while performing a creative and solid rhythm on guitar. Along with Jeff's timeless compositions, melodic arrangements and fiery solos, leaves you with the sense that they keep it all pure at heart and anchors to the depths of their souls. Joining the team is bass-mad man Eric Cralle, having a rock-solid thumping pulse that drives the bass line for the backbone. To help give life to this vision, "Lost Souls" is joined by drummer extraordinaire Jeff Winters, who brings to the group a percussive energy, which makes them a powerful explosive unit. Lost Souls, with two live performances at Market Square, and Rosebud's Premier Entertainment venue in the heart of Downtown, Pittsburgh was electrifying along with there radio appearance and air play on Pittsburgh's WDVE 102.5 Fm and WXDX 105.9 FM that further boosted the bands reputation, releasing a single called "Two Fingers For Peace", off their outstanding LP titled "Spirits Are Flying", just after the terrorist attack on 9/11. Also to their credit, their contribution of $5,000 in organizing a benefit concert to help provide relief funds on "Attack on America" in honor of our country called " Lost Souls Rock Benefit For America", with sponsorships from "Miller Genuine Draft and Rolling Rock" respectively, helped pave the way for a profitable and memorable moment in Butler County, Pa. With the frame work behind them, that would make most songwriters ache, Lost Souls looks forward to getting back into the studio to be able to bring to life the compositions that flow so freely from their pen. They are currently working to craft a deeply intimate, thunderous record with heartfelt lyrics, haunting melodies, breathy vocals and dreamlike instrumentation, promises to be yet another powerful thread in, an already rich musical tapestry. As there presence has broadened and " Lost Souls " have successfully built a following from a growing geographical area with a variety of appearances in Pittsburgh, Ohio and surrounding areas, with a growing notoriety and increasing presence, have all served to refine the band's sound and lay the foundation for even greater future success. Wed. Nov. 12 th from 8 pm - 11 pm "Lost Souls" and TBA "Rosebud" - Pittsburgh Premier Entertainment Venue all shows are 21 and over. tickets are $5 and only available at the door the night of the show