Will Bernard and Motherbug

  • 03/10/2005 Boom Boom Room San Francisco, CA
    03/10/2005 Boom Boom Room San Francisco, CA
    Track Listing: Nook Sack, Newbie, Motherbug Theme, Folding Green, Leo's Cat, Bed Head, Share The Sea, White Elephant Sale, Afro Sheen, Chin Up, Ripple Sour, Adjust The Facts, Close Shave
  • 08/27/2005 Jupiter's Berkeley, CA
    08/27/2005 Jupiter's Berkeley, CA
    Track Listing: Mung Beans and Rice, Leo's Cat, Close Shave, Afro Sheen, White Elephant Sale, Nook Sack, Share The Sea, Adjust The Facts, Expensive Shit, Folding Green, Sketchy, Motherbug Theme, Ripple Sour
  • Medicine Hat
    Medicine Hat
    San Francisco-based guitarist Will Bernard favors funky, psychedelic soul and fatback, groove-laden jazz, all within a blatant rock context. Produced by the guitar-friendly Lee Townsend, Bernard has created a distinct milieu for his blinding, razor-sharp chops.