Exit Clov
Exit Clov Meet Exit Clov, a unique five-piece indie rock band from Washington, DC, whose music could be described as "kaleidoscopic pop noir." With the pure pop sensibilities of indie darlings Stars, the punk ethos of Blondie, the political edge of Metric and the playfulness of The Go Team, this band is sure to appeal to pop music fans all over the world.

Composed of twin sisters Emily (vocals, keys, violin) and Susan (vocals, guitar, violin) Hsu, Aaron Leeder (guitar), Brett Niederman (bass) and John Thayer (drums, percussion), Exit Clov delivers dead-on beautifully harmonized vocals over vitriolic bass, drums and guitar. The sweet vocals over bulky rhythms seem to be contradictory, yet work to perfection. Their politically charged lyrics, sung in perfect harmony, are golden to the ear; raw yet sophisticated and surprisingly fresh by traditional rock standards.