Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra
Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra Alfred Howard & the K23 (AHK23) combines in the pocket funk, staccato spoken word, classic soul, aggressive rock and vintage psychedelic. The group has invented an indefinable sound by combining limitless soundscapes to create something new and impacting. Their music style moves seamlessly through tightly arranged changes to extended open jams with powerful crescendos and quick shifts in dynamic, while Alfred Howard’s lyrics transcend a style or genre, appealing to humanities most primal essence. Continually requested to return wherever they play, the 5 strong rhythmic voices (rhodes & organ, guitar, bass, drums and vocals) sculpt a collective and cohesive expression delivering a high-energy live show fueled by rapid-fire conscious lyricism. AHK23 has found an audience in the world of funk fiends, indy fans, hip-hop heads, reggae followers and even poetry lovers. Their message is one of social change through music and art.