Kinetic Kinetic has been performing live since November 2001. Since then they have played at numerous festivals including all of the Telepathic Productions East Coast events and the Mountain View Jam, and at music halls and night clubs all across North Carolina. The Kinetic experience can truly be summed up by their live show, which is also where the boys feel most at home. Kinetic has shared the bill with such artists as Tea Leaf Green, Barefoot Manner, Signal Path, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, GFE, Perpetual Groove, Yonder Mountain String Band, New Monsoon, Avett Brothers, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers, Moonshine Still, Ulu and Fat Ellis at various festivals.

Derek Cobb is one of the original founders of the band whose influences range widely from jazz, rock, jam, funk, reggae, with Ernest Ranglin and Medeski Martin and Wood being some of particular emphasis. Being a primary songwriter, most all other music cant be excluded from the list of what brings creativity to the fingers of Mr. Cobb, as any music with talent in it interests this guitar player. One can frequently witness Derek with his eyes closed, emotionally playing out an electrically charged solo.

A driving, rhythmic energy is the best way to characterize Brad Page as he wails on his drum heads, often changing through three shirts in one nights show. Honing his skills through the torturous middle and high school band directors, drumming rhythms out on his desks, and loving music in general, Brad draws from the rhythmic Stuart Copeland, Jon Fishman, Dennis Chambers, and Mike Clark. As well as rapping and providing backup vocals, he also picked up some synthesizer skills that he plays simultaneously with the drums. Recently, an electronic drum kit was merged into his acoustic set, further enriching the unique Kinetic sound.

Mr. Alden Smith is the foundation of the band, firmly rooting to sound of the band to the ground. He shares the duty with Derek of writing the songs and coming up with the solid and funky baselines to keep the heads bobbing. Always looking to improve himself, Alden is constantly looking for music to further is horizon and his influences range from a dub/reggae sound, to the rock/funk that just gets you moving.

Elliot Wernlund is the youngest in the group and the newest to the family of Kinetic. A friend of the band and a bass player whom Elliot plays with saw the boys of Kinetic at the Spring Fling of 2005, a show where we had our current keyboard player bail on us, and asked if they wanted a sax to jam with them. Always open to new sounds, especially when down a man, we welcomed him up on stage and have played with him ever since. The only member not native to Wilson, NC, Elliot draws his largest influences from the bebop legends, Charlie Bird Parker and Dizzie Gillespie, while also drawing from guitar players such as Buckethead and David Gilmore.

The time has come to put studio work in and currently Kinetic is in the recording studio laying out the tracks for an up and coming full length album. The recording process is almost completed and mastering will begin shortly; within the next few weeks. Kinetic's schedule has been rather empty for the past few months as much time has been spent hammering out the details on the album and making sure that everything is perfect and how they want it, but rest assured, the band will be back in full performing strength momentarily, and with a brand new album under their belts. With the album nearing completion, we are beginning to book shows again and we look forward to showcasing the new sounds that we are creating.