Pencilgrass Starting in November of 2002, Pencilgrass fought their way up the ranks of pretenders and contenders to become Miami's undisputed champions of soul. This seven man party machine creates sounds that fuel dance floor heroics by even those most stoic. Pencilgrass left Miami for the northeast in August of 2003. With their jaws set and their eyes on the prize, the Fellows of Pencilgrass stand poised to claim what they feel is their birthright: The United State's Championship of Soul.

"Prog-R&B?" "Glam-Soul?" Pencilgrass just calls what they do "Dance Music." And that's exactly what they deliver. It is through the head-bobbing, rump-shaking melodies and beats, the introspectacular lyrics and Barry White-esque crooning of Eddie Pren, and their live hi-jinx that these "white punks on funk" generate the party and invite in all takers. Pencilgrass like to consider themselves a sort of dance music compendium, referencing such experts as Sly and The Family Stone, the soul-disco artists of the 1970's, and Bad Brains. All the while, they wear their Miami roots on their sleeves, brandishing latin rhythms and electronic noise.

Pencilgrass's formative years were spent training at the esteemed University of Miami School of Music and, upon completion of their scholarly duties; they began their true mission in earnest. In the last couple of years the band has built up a loyal and ever-growing group of fans up and down the East Coast. Their tunes have hit the airwaves and are being charted on college stations as far away as the Pacific Northwest and Europe. Whether opening for bands like Fishbone, Ozomatli, the Breakfast, or The Spam All-Stars or headlining their own shows, Pencilgrass rocks the people and gets your dances floors filled with anyone and everyone. "This band is addictive" and they show no signs of slowing down. Pencilgrass are currently hitting the studio and will release their new (yet-to-be-named) full length sometime this winter. In addition to new recordings, the band is slated to begin work on their new video as well. Expect to see them touring clubs and festivals all over this great land of ours in 2005.