Hooligans I'll keep this message up until our new webpage is up, and in order to explain to our faithful supporters what the heck is up with our new transformation! Since 1992, Los Hooligans have been bringing traditional ska, swing, big band and Latin influences to our audiences. We won't be fully abandoning those sounds, however, we will be exploring new sounds to update our "vibe." We also would like to pay respect to our neighbors down south, and let the legacy of Mexico's favorite rock band "Los Hooligans" continue without interruption from us! LOL. We really did not intend to "borrow" their name. We found out about them several years ago when a couple showed up at one of our gigs expecting to hear them! I checked it out, and sure enough, I found many recordings and videos from the 60's rock band Los Hooligans. We really haven't heard any complaints, but just the same, we're looking to move forward. Now what? Well, we've decided to have FUN, and bring an eclectic mix of early traditional Ska & Northern Soul to the stage. We're very excited about our future, and I am having a blast writing new material and covers for the guys. It may be hit and miss at first, but I'm sure we'll get in to the "groove" soon enough. Much love and respect to you all, and here's to 2009 and the inception of HOOLIGANS!!! Tony