DJ Medi4
DJ Medi4 "DJ Medi4 is a walking, talking, spinning caldron of musical wisdom and insight. He is Jack Black in “High Fidelity” - if slightly better looking…" -- Legendary rock journalist Lonn Friend

“Medi4 can create peace, shake butts, and scare your mother on the same day if you let him…” -- Joe Hanan, Jamcruise partner

"Medi4 killed people last night. Musical murder in the foist. A fantastic evening." -- Chris Bertolet, writer, music critic

Bradley Burlingame (DJ Medi4) went back recently and mused over the year he began spinning – 1989. “There were outstanding records released that year – Paul’s Boutique from Beastie Boys, De La Soul’s 3 Feet High & Rising, French Kiss from Lil’ Louie, and Coldcut’s groundbreaking What’s That Noise all came out in 1989. And they all sound tight when you play them today – truly great records stand the test of time. But now, for the most part, you don’t even get to hear the good records – by and large you get spoon-fed the tired, the overplayed, the cheesy and the dumbed-down. You hire me because you love music – because you want some flavor, some class, some creativity for your show or event. That’s why you hire me. Anyone can regurgitate Top 40 & urban radio back to you… that’s not to say I don’t play innovative, relative music, though!”

Timelessness is the common thread in his selections, regardless of genres. “Many DJ’s are caught up in one sound, vibe or scene, but what happens when that one scene is dead and that one sound goes on hiatus for a few years?” Medi4’s approach is decidedly wider in scope. “A DJ’s main mission used to be simply ‘play great music’, not ‘play the newest, hottest stuff, regardless of whether it’s worth playing 6 months from now…’ I’m making it my mission to aim for the former.”

To prove his point, Medi4 plays full sets (2+ hours) of the following genres:

Funk, Soul & Disco (spanning 40 years) Rock & Metal (spanning 40 years) Hip Hop & Downtempo Electronic Funk Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and World Electronic House, Trance & Psychedelic Dance Music Jazz & Soundtracks (spanning 40 years) Chill-Out, Ambient and Classical (spanning 40 years+)

…and when appropriate, he’ll mix them together, creating an ever-changing, intelligent sound that always goes 40 years deep – no pandering here. He’s constantly “trainspotted” by listeners (DJ speak for the attempt to identify what tune a DJ is playing), and rarely does he play the same set twice. “If I’m opening for Les Claypool in a 750 seat club, I’ll play differently than I will if I’m at an outdoor festival on Sunday afternoon, or a Friday happy hour in Miami Beach. A lot of the tune selection is based on whom I’m playing to, and what’s going on around me. Different shows, different records – I have a different agenda each time I play based simply on the fundamental fact that the people are always different. I’m not gonna play tribal house to 40 year olds unless they ask me to, y’know?”

In the last year alone, DJ Medi4 has demonstrated his musical prowess at clubs & events in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Cleveland, Ft. Lauderdale, Santa Barbara, Jacksonville, & the Caribbean. “Now it’s time to get some frequent flier miles”, he’ll tell you. “I wanna eat sashimi in a Japanese fish market ...soon.”