Rose Hill Drive
Rose Hill Drive Rose Hill Drive is a rock n roll band. People who say they like Rose Hill Drive often say they like old school rock n roll, but the may also say they like drugs, and Rose Hill Drive doesn't know anything about those drugs. Rose Hill Drive just wants to kick out the jams and be a responsible and integral part of the emerging global community. One time somebody asked Rose Hill Drive if they were for real, and Rose Hill Drive asked simply, "are you for real?".

Rose Hill Drive happens when Nate Barnes plays the drums, Daniel Sproul plays the lead guitar, Daniel's brother Jake plays the guitar and sings, and Jimmy Stofer plays the bass. Sometimes one of them will play the maracas, sometimes one of them will play the keyboards. And every so often, one of them won't play anything at all. Whoa. Heady. These details should be of little concern. The take home point is that Rose Hill Drive loves making rock n roll together and playing it for enthusiasts of electric music.

Rose Hill Drive wishes the Starz hit comedy Party Down would come out with a 3rd season, but that aside, they are elated about their 2011 release "Americana." Their collective opinion is that it is their best music to date and their best music to date to.

Rose Hill Drive doesn't like to name drop so they will refrain from telling you that they did open for The Who, Van Halen, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Wilco, Queens Of The Stone Age, and are curently on the road supporting Stone Temple Pilots. This is big time, and to remain down-to-earth, to keep their heads on straight, Rose Hill Drive will trade off giving each other lashings with a studded whip.

You may also find Rose Hill Drive cooking breakfast on a coleman grill in your local wal-mart parking lot. And if you do, feel free to stop and say hello, maybe share a brew and story or two about the good ol' American west. And kick 'em a couple bucks if you feel so obliged.