JP Cutler
JP Cutler JP Cutler is easily identified as that rare form of guitarist/songwriter, an original whose work somehow feels familiar. Even though JP has yet to release his first full-length recording, he's been mesmerizing audiences throughout the Bay Area with his deft finger-picking and suspended tonal inventions. Doubling up as an instrumental guitarist, doing shows with Kaki King and Acoustic Guitar Magazine Editor Teja Gerken, and band leader, JP is on a sonic conquest merging American finger-picking styles with baritone vocal melodies, psychodelic electronic soundscapes and Indian rhythmic textures. JP has shared bills with ALO, Samanatha Stollenwerck, Ten Mile Tide, Hyim & The Fat Foakland Orchestra, Garrin Benfield, Justin King and others. At Café Du Nord on Wednesday, February 22nd, he'll be joined by James Nash (The Waybacks) on electric guitar, David Phillips on pedal steel, Sam Bevan (David Grisman) on acoustic bass, and Micha Patri on drum kit. His band appeared at High Sierra Music Festival in 2005.

Just on the San Francisco scene for a short while, JP has already placed music in several independent films. This past Summer, he contributed three original tracks to the PBS documentary "Beyond The Dream: California and the Rediscovery of America." JP's versatility lends to a lot of his film work as he is a prominent slide guitar player often emulating the music of Ry Cooder but also very much creating his own sound. His most recent work is with Oscar winning filmmaker Haskell Wexler ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Canadian Bacon") and his new movie "Who Needs Sleep," which debuted at Sundance 2006. This film includes interviews with Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. JP is also currently performing with the San Francisco Zen Center lecture series at the First Unitarian Universalist Church throughout the months of March and April 2006.

Raised in Minneapolis and relocated to San Francisco after attending Oberlin College, JP notes that fellow Minnesotan Leo Kottke is undeniably an unprecedented influence in his music. He however utilizes his technical prowess, love of Middle-Eastern/Indian music, and rock sensibility to create music of his own design. His beautifully aggressive and quietly emotive instrumental pieces, and his unique baritone vocal stylings separate this protean player from the pack. The San Francisco Bay Guardian notes that "JP Cutler whispered his vocals over droning tunes that moved between spare contemplation and heavy metal saturation via an idiosyncratic fingerpicking guitar style reminiscent of NPR darling Kaki King. Cutler sounded great...."

JP is currently in the studio recording his debut EP. Keep an eye out for this kid! He's mixing it up Americana-stylee!!!