Chatham County Line
Chatham County Line Dave Wilson is the lead singer, gifted songwriter and an exceptional flatpicker. He was honored to be chosen as a finalist in the 2004 Chris Austin Songwriting contest at MerleFest. Dave started his musical career in school band playing the saxophone at the age of eleven. When he reached 7th grade, the Assistant Principal at Alexander Graham Junior High told Dave that if he got sent to the office one more time for cutting up during band class, he would be suspended. Not wanting to leave school at such a young age, Dave hung up his sax and put his musical career on hold. That didn't last too long because his parents suprised him on his next birthday with a shiny, but cheap, electric guitar. He holed up in his room playing that guitar as much as he could. Talking a few friends into buying a Drum set and a Bass guitar, Dave took to the stage (garage) and never looked back. Many different bands and guitars later, Dave is still having a good time and not worrying too much about anything.

John Teer plays the fiddle and mandolin and sings high tenor. He started playing the fiddle at the ripe age of three. Along the way he has just about mastered anything with strings. "Teer," as he's known by most friends, can't sit still very long and has been known to say some really funny things from time to time. He is also a gifted instrumental songwriter with such songs as "Bent Creek," "Gunfight in Durango," and "Butterwheel," bringing joy to many fiddle and mandolin enthusiasts. Teer brings an energetic quality to the band, sawing the fiddle with precision and intensity and bearing down on the mandolin in a style reminiscent of Mr. Monroe himself.

Chandler Holt is as solid a 5-string picker as they come. He began playing the banjo in College after his good friend John Teer made him listen to some searing bluegrass. He plays in the three-finger style, originated in NC, and popularized by Earl Scruggs. Chandler is now admittedly addicted to the banjo and confesses to, at one time or another, owning every brand of banjo ever made. When he's not buying a new banjo, he might be working up an original instrumental, or perfecting one of his patented breaks. His unique banjo style and baritone vocals are a treat that always keeps the audience on their feet and asking for more.

Greg Readling is an amazing multi-instrumentalist. When not holding down the rhythm for CCL on the Acoustic Bass, or filling out a four-part harmony, he can be found playing piano, Hammond organ, accordion, melodica, guitar, or pedal-steel. When Greg was a youth, his parents bought him a Wurlitzer upright piano, followed by the onslaught of weekly piano lessons.

As he entered High School, Greg took up the electric bass to join a rock and roll band that some of his friends were starting. He played the bass through High School and much of College until a very particular sound on The Byrd's "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" caught his attention. That's when his love affair with the Pedal Steel guitar began. Greg picked up a steel from the Sho-Bud Steel Guitar Co. and never looked back. A true craftsman on and off the stage. Greg can be found out in his wood shop cranking out some truly beautiful traditional style furniture.