Deadwood Revival
Deadwood Revival What would you get if you put a Georgia theater chick, a California drummer-turned-banjo player, a Deadhead bass player and a bluegrass fiddler in the same room and say...."alright folks... make some music"'d think that the result would be...well... interesting to say the least. Well, it is far more than interesting. It's Deadwood Revival. A most unlikely group of musicians join together to make some of the most unassuming, honest "feel good" music filled with the spirit of old-time Appalachia, soulful American roots and a hint of jam-band improvisation. Their blend of undeniable charisma and feel good energy recently earned them the People's Choice Award from the 2009 Winter Folk Festival in Oregon.

Deadwood Revival came onto the scene as a duo in early 2005 when Kim Trenerry and Jason Mogi, after years of co-fronting their own folk rock jam band found a new love-old time Appalachian music. Combining their rock background with old-time gave Kim and Jason their reputation as "one of the hottest duos around". Hundreds of concerts and festivals, four west coast tours, and two cd's later...Kim and Jason reconnected with long time friend, bassist Ches Ferguson in June 2007 and the duo became a permanent trio. In late 2007, DwR met former "Looking Glass" fiddler, Julie Campbell, who brings her fierce fiddle playing to the DwR sound at many concerts and festivals.


Jason's clean, percussive clawhammer banjo coupled with his homemade "stomp board", Julie's energetic and engaging fiddling along with Kim and Ches' driving rhythm on acoustic guitar and electric bass is the musical backdrop for Kim and Jason's powerhouse vocal harmonies that give Deadwood Revival its unique and unmistakable sound. Frank Gutch of the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange says of DwR..."You can tell from the first note that they are crowd-pleasers. They're fun, adventurous and yet true to their roots."

This group of talented musicians not only displays fine musicianship, they are talented songwriters as well having released two cd's in less than two years. Their self titled debut cd "Deadwood Revival" and their latest, "This Old World" have both received rave reviews and radio airplay across the US and Canada. Whether a rockin' hoedown or a tasty ballad, their original tunes have been described as "old timey with smokin' hooks", evidenced by the fans who often leave humming their tunes. Kim and Jason’s songs are uplifting, sometimes poignant, and often sound like they could have been written a hundred years ago. DwR also breathes new life into a variety of old time fiddle tunes, folk tunes, and even some Grateful Dead tunes with clever arrangements and moments of improvisation with the clawhammer banjo often taking the lead role.

As if the music itself weren't enough, the positive energy they exude is a large part of what draws people in and keeps them coming back again and again. The joy they put into their music reflects back to the fans who take with them feelings of happiness and inspiration. Whether performing in a cozy pub or for a thousand festival fans, the "honest and unpretentious" music of Deadwood Revival lingers long after the lights come up.

Deadwood Revival: foot stompin' spirit lifting, hillbilly jam-grass!