Alma Melodiosa
Alma Melodiosa Alma blends an original mix of Flamencadelic Latin Passion, Belly Dance, Trance, Rock and World Beats to create a pure form of cutting edge dance music. Now in their seventh year, Alma has captivated audiences from San Francisco to New York - Seattle to Mexico always evolving and adding to their original sound. "Their entirely original compositions have earned them a reputation to fill all music appetites..." (Vail Daily). Compared to Shakira, Sarah McLachlan, Gypsy Kings and Sade, Alma creates an original sound that remains difficult to describe until one experiences it for themselves.

Imagine a burst of Flamenco flavored Guitar mixed with Rock, a sultry Belly Dancer with a voice of an angel and the beat of cutting edge dance rhythms exciting your body and soul. Alma consistently develops unique and mystical musical compositions while maintaining the focus on the passionate lyrics and sensual belly dance.

Alma has been a consistent force in the West Coast Music Scene, featured at world renowned festivals such as Reggae on the River, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, 2002 Winter Olympics, San Jose Jazz Fest and more. Performing with artists such as The Wailers, Big Mountain, Jefferson Starship and many others, Alma has created a popular surge of irresistible rhythm and exotic dance, passionate flavors and unique musical dynamics mixing Spanish Guitar, Dumbeck, Drums, Keyboard, Zills, Saxophone, Bongos, Electric Guitar, Bass and "Hot Vocals." Alma creates an original musical experience focusing on the effect of music inspiring the soul, uplifting the heart and rejuvenating the body