Sam Kininger
Sam Kininger "A local Saxophone legend, graduate from Berklee, and all-around funk genius, Sam Kininger is building his fan-base and repertoire simultaneously at clubs across the country. Kininger has been in legendary funk/soul groups since the beginning, including, but not limited to Lettuce, Soulive and the Brotherhood of Groove.

The Sam Kininger Band has been touring for about 2 years now, and the musical evolution and popularity of the combo is exponentially growing with each show. Constantly mixing the player lineup for many shows throughout, the fans are always in for an unexpected treat, but one thing remains constant, THE SHOW IS FUNKY AS HELL.

Don't be surprised if some heavyweight players make sit-in appearances, and be less surprised if you find yourself dancing like a maniac. This is a must-see show, so grab your friends and make it a night out of dancing, drinking and funking."