The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken
The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken Birds of a feather that create a rush of egg laying fury at the drop of a brown note... No two beaks are the same, as no two people are a bird. However, in this age of dullard migrations of termites it's nice to know that a simple group of dipshits can sustain a seven year drinking binge and get paid for it. Glory to you oh dwarf of prey, the Chicken knows it's place is below the wonderment that is the uncorked brilliance of the winoelf. Notice the dollhouse that is weeping, and get your ass over to the Jazz Estate on Tuesdays to witness some stupidity, and music.

The Chicken is/isn't: Jeremy Kuzniar (Drums) Matt Turner (Bass..hey i tickle out a melody too), Chris Vos (Guitar and Vocals), Aaron Gardner (Sax, flute) other known violators of the cluck include Jesse Sheehan(Saxes and Tablas) Dave Wake (Organ ....effects.....jah) Brian "brain" Sanders (the dark lord of tuesdays) D.J. Nipple Curtain....Urban path blazer I'LL BET YOU WATCH IT!!!!!!!!

Testimonials: "Tuesday nights at The Estate are insane, thanks to The Chicken," says Autumn Whitlow, Estate bartender who pours for Chicken fans every week.

"I touched the chicken, and then it touched me naughty," says Sean Williamson, Milwaukee musician who does not dance well.

From MKE Magazine (7.19.07) - "The adventure began at the New Orleans Jazzfest, after drummer Jeremy Kuzniar and Turner saw a band called Garage a Trois. It inspired them to start a completely improvisational band. Eight years later, people are still lured by the name. "People ask me what we sound like, and I say 'come and see us,' because I don't really know," Turner said."

From (7.15.05) - "The band, one of Milwaukee's most under-the-radar groups, started playing together in 2000 at Linneman's and moved to the Estate in 2001. In five years, they have only missed one Tuesday night a couple of years ago when they cancelled a show to avoid competing for a crowd with Summerfest."