Pomeroy ·By blending elements of hip-hop, pop and funk, Pomeroy has created something that is not only different, but credible in the minds of music lovers and music makers. Pomeroy’s sound is best described as unique, hip hop based pop music: “Pomeroy speaks with nimble rhymes and soulful three part harmonies over intricate, bouncing grooves.” Bass, keys, guitar, drums and vocals are the five elements, which combine to create the strikingly original sound. ·The band has logged hundreds of thousands of miles, and has written, recorded and produced 2 full length CD’s, which have sold nearly 12,000 copies in the United States. The band’s last CMJ push in the spring of 2002 ended with over 150 stations nationwide adding Pomeroy to their play-list. Pomeroy also recently released a new 5 song EP called, “Identity”, which the band feels is it’s best material yet. In one week (July 22nd-July29th) over 700 copies of Pomeroy’s “Identity” were ordered and distributed to 11 different retail buyers through Harvest Media. A new CMJ push for “Identity” is planned for the fall. ·Pomeroy’s best suit is the “live-show”. Pomeroy headlined the local stage at Kansas City’s Sprit Fest this summer and capped off last summer by playing its 3rd consecutive Rock Fest and Sweet Stock music festivals in Omaha, NE. The band has also played the main stage at Denver’s People’s Fair, and headlined many college festivals such as Iowa State University’s, Taste of Viesha, and FHSU’s, September Jam. Check the website at www.pomeroymusic.com for additional audio downloads and video clips