Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root)
Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root) Rusted Root, the multi-platinum sextet out of Pittsburgh, evolved around front-man Michael Glabickis distinct sound and grew into a musical entity that has thrived in a non-genre specific category all its own. Rusted Root built their career around dramatic performances; their polyrhythmic, multicultural rock-and-soul picked up fans like a junkyard magnet as they swept across the nation on tour. In 1990 their self-released CD, Cruel Sun attracted the attention of Mercury Records. The label signed the band to a deal which produced their sophomore effort and twice platinum success When I Woke which included crowd favorites, Send Me on My Way, Ecstasy, and Martyr. These songs capture the essence of a band that is truly a single, thriving organism. Since then the band has released three more records Remember {gold} in 1996, Rusted Root in 1998, and Welcome to my Party in 2002, and continue to tour selling out venues with their contagious sound. Rusted Root has also been featured in various television shows and movies such as Twister, Party of Five, Ice Age, Home for the Holidays, Matilda and Homicide.

Now, over a decade into a career with Rusted Root, Michael is ready to explore roads less traveled. What began as an opening act for Rusted Root shows, Michaels solo tunes are beginning a new life completely independent from the successful jam band. Its a little bit more out and in your face, said Michael about his new sound. Its not so jolly and community oriented Its more intimate material. More intimate and appealing to an even larger audience. Michaels writing is evolving like the living project that it is. In order to more clearly identify his solo endeavors, he has separated from his moniker with Rusted Root and taken the name Michael Ki. The name, as well as the sound is a new entity and while it may be rooted in his past endeavors, it is clearly a new musical phenomenon.

Michael sees music as an organism that has a history with different meanings to different people. People attach themselves to this organism and because of that its is ritual; a way to jointly go places. This is one trip that fans (both old and new) will not regret taking.