Joseph Arthur

  • Nuclear Daydream
    Nuclear Daydream
  • iTunes Live from Montreal
    iTunes Live from Montreal
  • Foreign Girls - EP
    Foreign Girls - EP
  • Vagabond Skies - EP
    Vagabond Skies - EP
  • Crazy Rain
    Crazy Rain
  • Could We Survive
    Could We Survive
  • Big City Secrets
    Big City Secrets
  • Come to Where Im From
    Come to Where Im From
  • Redemptions Son
    Redemptions Son
  • Nuclear Daydream
    Nuclear Daydream
    Joseph Arthur's fifth album, and the first for his own new label, is quite likely his best to date. Stripped-down throughout and achingly lovely, it shows that Arthur's far more than the smart folk's one-man jam band. He's a rad songwriter with more than one setting on his blender, an often-gorgeous singer who can go low and high with equal rewards.
  • Our Shadows Will Remain
    Our Shadows Will Remain
  • Redemptions Son
    Redemptions Son
  • Redemption's Son
    Redemption's Son
    Track Listing:
    1. Redemption's Son
    2. Honey And The Moon
    3. Dear Lord
    4. I Would Rather Hide
    5. Innocent World
    6. September Baby
    7. Nation Of Slaves
    8. Evidence
    9. Let's Embrace
    10. Termite Song
    11. Permission
    12. Favorite Girl
    13. You Are The Dark
    14. In The Night
    15. Blue Lips
    16. You've Been Loved