Another Tequila Sunrise
Another Tequila Sunrise The band was born back in 2001. They had no name, and no clue what it would take to become an authentic and credible tribute band, but they had to start somewhere. With a first show at a local VFW, and admittedly not a good show, personnel came and went. They first got up and running as a 5-piece band. The Spring of 2002 was their inaugural voyage. More personnel came and went, and in 2004, they had the right mix to actually make progress in becoming a credible and authentic tribute band. They went from playing bars and restaurants, lounges and the like, to playing Casinos, premier live music venues, national class concert stages, and traveling around the US. The adopted a name: Spread Eagle: Tribute To The Eagles.

The band worked on honing their musical skills and ability to recreate the music of The Eagles as closely as possible over the next few years. From 2004 through 2007, the band climbed the ladder rising above the average cover band and becoming a true feature act. Various talent buyers sought to book the band, and this brought them in to venues like The Borgata and the Hilton Resort Casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center in Gilford, New Hampshire, Rye Playland in Rye, New York, Stone Mountain in the Atlanta Georgia area, Bike Week in Laconia, New Hampshire, Foxwood's Resort in Mashantucket, CT, Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island, The Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts, The Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, BB King Blues in New York City, and many, many more great venues. At several venues, where they have performed several years running, the band has actually outdrawn some of the minor national acts booked there.

Popularity across a wide age range is the primary reason the band chose to cover them. Covering The Eagles is not an easy thing to do, and do well. Their songs are more complex than anyone really understands until they are torn apart and each analyzed. For a very long time running, The Eagles album "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)" was the all time best-selling album by a musical group (as certified by the RIAA). Only recently, after the untimely death of Michael Jackson, has the "Thriller" album pulled ahead of The Eagles' album for all-time best selling album. Given this distinction, it was apparent that The Eagles were right up there with the most popular of musical groups. Music of The Eagles is family friendly, and very popular with all age groups. If you are in 50 through 60 years of age, you grew up with the music of The Eagles, If you are a 30-50 year old, you were reacquainted with the Eagles when their "Hell Freezes Over" video played all over the MTV and VH1 channels. If you are a 20-30 something adult, you likely got a taste of The Eagles through their Farewell I concerts, DVD, and the release of their double disc album "Long Road Out Of Eden."

In 2008 it became evident that the band's name "Spread Eagle: Tribute To The Eagles" was just not well received. Most associated "Spread Eagle" with naughty sexual innuendo when in fact, the band's name and logo were created based upon the Great Seal Of The United States, and eagle with wings spread. As the band climbed to new heights of success, it also became evident that the terms "Spread Eagle" and "The Eagles" were already trademarks in the music performance business and the band's name could not be trademarked. During this same timeframe, the band went through another change. They decided to put a Don Henley vocalist out front and put a "Scott Crago" drummer on the kit. This is much more like The Eagles perform nowadays. It allows that great Don Henley vocal to be out front with Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B Schmit. So a drummer AND a Don Henley vocalist were chosen after many auditions. The new format and band structure was very much a change for the better. The band played nearly a year or shows out on the road to fine-tune the new configuration and to break the new guys in.

In late 2009, the band decided it was time to change our long-standing name from "Spread Eagle: Tribute To The Eagles" to "Another Tequila Sunrise." This name change was announced at the end of a show at The Strand Theatre, in Clinton, MA, and from then on, the new name was received very, very, well. The new name was immediately recognizable as being associated with The Eagles, and it was family friendly. The name was able to be trademarked, and no other Eagles tribute band was using this name. All in all, it was a long time in coming, but well worth the trouble to change. Talent Buyers and Booking Agents have helped out along the way getting shows, but the band has been has been self-managed and largely self-booked for 10 years. They have played from Madawaska, Maine, all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia, and from South Padre Island, Texas, up to Chicago, Illinois, and all points in between. They have a desire to do this full time now, and are always looking for ways to reach that goal.

Paul Hawkins, manager and performer, is the only original member left in the band. The Eagles are his all time favorite group, and he is loving what he is doing. Another Tequila Sunrise is configured uniquely among Eagles Tribute Bands in that each Eagles band member is portrayed by a single member of Another Tequila Sunrise. Paul Hawkins covers Glenn Frey vocals, plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar and talk box, 2nd keyboards, and sings backing vocals. Rick Steinau plays bass guitar, and covers the Randy Meisner and Timothy B Schmit vocals, and sings backing vocals. Keith Brindle covers Don Henley vocals and sings backing vocals. Ricky Serafini covers Joe Walsh vocals, and those of early Eagle, Bernie Leadon, and plays both acoustic and electric guitar. Dave Dreher covers Don Felder and Stuart Smith on electric guitar and plays the talk box. Bob Peterson covers Joe Vitale and others who have played keyboards with The Eagles, plays mandolin and acoustic guitar, and sings backing vocals. Steve Brodowski covers Scott Crago, another Massachusetts resident, on drums, and sings backing vocals. If Don Henley songs are sung, the vocals are sung by Keith Brindle and are not divvied up among other band members. If Glenn Frey songs are sung, then Paul Hawkins sings them; if a Timothy B Schmit songs are sung, then they are sung by Rick Steinau who portrays that Eagles member. These roles and this band structure ensure consistency of their performances.

The show to be performed at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday, July 16, 2011, is a double-barrel feature – the Desperado stage show and then a set of the greatest hits from The Eagles. The band played their first 'feature' show back in 2005. They played the "Hotel California" album from start to finish on a national-class concert stage with 4 video screens showing multimedia or live camera close-ups. At that time, the show netted them the most money they had ever made for a single show. Later, after the change in name, Another Tequila Sunrise put on their "Eagles' Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2 show for the first time at The Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Following soon afterwards, they decided to create a Theatre style feature called "Desperado." If featured Another Tequila Sunrise along with 6 additional performers and debuted at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts in early 2011. This show put Another Tequila Sunrise band members in old west outlaw costumes with movie prop guns to loosely portray the Doolin-Dalton gang. With stage props like a poker table and saloon bar, there was also a bar keeper (who plays banjo and harmonica in the show) and 3 great looking saloon girls (who sing as a triad of backing vocalists in the show). Multimedia content was being projected onto a big screen to help "tell" the story. All the while, the Desperado album is played start to finish. This is a fun show, family friendly, and it contains a few surprises… There is no other show like this; it's a one of a kind show brought to you by Another Tequila Sunrise.

For more information, you can visit the bands website. For information regarding the show at The Palace Theatre, you may visit their website. This is a show you'll not want to miss!