John Scofield Band

  • EnRoute
    For EnRoute, Scofield wanted to focus on the high-wire interaction of a small, closely knit band in the heat of a live setting. He arrived at the Blue Note armed only with his trusty guitar, amp and whammy pedal, and left his more elaborate electronic gear at home.
  • Up All Night
    Up All Night
    Track Listing:
    1. Philiopiety
    2. Watch Out For Po-Po
    3. Creeper
    4. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
    5. I'm Listening
    6. Thikhathali
    7. Four On The Floor
    8. Like The Moon
    9. Freakin' Disco
    10. Born In Troubled Times
    11. Every Night Is Ladies Night
  • Uberjam
    It is no accident that Uberjam is credited to the John Scofield Band; the title tune was created by the members over three years of road dates. Far from being a pastiche, it demonstrates the cohesive unit that this group has become. Whether it is rhythm-guitar wiz Avi Bortnick adding Indian samples to Jesse Murphy's dub bass on "Acidhead," or former Average White Band drummer Adam Deitch laying in the phat-ist of phat grooves, it is apparent that Scofield has come up with another classic ensemble--one well equipped to take jazz into the 21st century. John Medeski and Karl Denson are also featured on the album.
    Track Listing:
    Tracks: 1. Acidhead, 2. Ideofunk, 3. Jungle Fiction, 4. I Brake 4 Monster Booty, 5. Animal Farm, 6. Offspring, 7. Tomorrow Land, 8. uberjam, 9. Polo Towers, 10. Snap Crackle Pop
  • A Go Go
    A Go Go
    As a follow-up to the most sophisticated record of his career John Scofield dips back into the grease with rib-eating gusto on A Go Go, his jaunty encounter with Medieski Martin & Wood. This match was made in heaven as they are flexible and funky enough to follow Scofield's lead.
    Track Listing: 1. A Go Go, 2. Chank, 3. Boozer, 4. Southern Pacific, 5. Jeep on 35, 6. Kubrick, 7. Green Tea, 8. Hottentot, 9. Chicken Dog, 10. Deadzy