DJ Greyboy
DJ Greyboy In 1993 Greyboy released his first album,."Freestylin'" , it became a surprise underground hit. it was a building block of the early hip-hop/jazz movement andfreestylin150.png was to be the foundation for a long recording career with Ubiquity Records. Since then he has released 4 more solo albums on Ubiquity and is currently working on his 6th.

Greyboy has collaborrated with a number of differnent artists over the years, from hip hop to jazz, including Fred Wesley of the J.B.'s , AG (Showbiz and AG), and is the founding member of the Greyboy All stars. His music has been featured in movies like Get Shorty, Celtic Pride, The Kelly Slater Surf Pro video game, Budweiser commercials, and he was handpicked to provide a mix CD for DC shoes in 2003. He also co-founded a hip hop record label called P-Jays with pro skater and MTV star Rob Dyrdek.

Over the years Greyboy has DJ'd in Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada and across the USA. His largest DJ gig was to 5000 people in the countryside outside of Rome, and throughout the summer of 2003 he played to over 20, 000 people a night on tour with Ben Harper and Jack Johnson.

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