Evergreen Terrace
Evergreen Terrace Evergreen Terrace is a melodic hardcore band from Jacksonville, FL. The band is anchored by guitar player/vocalist Craig Chaney. His clean singing and catchy hooks drive the band's sound, punctuated by lead singer, Andrew Carey's screamed vocals. Musically, Evergreen Terrace takes cues from no other. The band transitions effortlessly from fast, powerful heavy hardcore to melodic rock. This has allowed them to tour with a diverse group since their start in late 1999, including As I Lay Dying, Unearth , Hatebreed, Bane, Strung Out, Gwar, and the list continues. Evergreen Terrace is a band that isn't concerned with gimmicks or current trends, just a band that can guarantee creating music filled with heart, energy, and a lot of passon...and they will have a shit load of fun in the process.