Kim Martin Band
Kim Martin Band My love and passion for music goes back as far as I can remember...I've been singing since I was 5... always in the school choir--and would sing along to my Mom's records ....Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, Carpenters, etc..And my Dad's Elvis and Beach Boys...Also loved the disco era, especially Donna Summer...wore out my Saturday Night Fever album, and Grease..... Then came the 80's...and Rock N Roll became my passion! Growing up in Hacienda Heights, CA, I was heavily influenced by L.A. Radio. Growing up listening to KMET & KLOS, I was influenced by artists such as: Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Foreigner, AC/DC, RUSH, Eagles, Pretenders, Janice Joplin, Pat Benatar, Heart, Rolling Stones etc... Singing came natural to me, and I played the piano by ear a little...but always wanted to try another instrument. I was introduced to the bass guitar at age 13...... While cleaning out the garage one day I found a bass guitar under a pile of junk; it was my older brothers' and I quickly took it over...It was barely in tune, and only had 3 strings. I didn't have an amp yet, plugged into my stereo and got sound thru the cassette player, learning songs by ear. Then another string I used 2 . My Mom saw my passion growing for it and agreed to guitar lessons at $10/ week....My first teacher was a guitar player, I learned extremely fast....He introduced me to a guitar player, who introduced me to a drummer,... and we called ourselves "SkinTight" an all Girl Power Trio...(yes we wore spandex). I was 16, and we started with originals right away . I couldn't learn fast enough. I would spend about 6-8 hours a night practicing and quickly progressed. After playing with a few other bands through high school, I set my sights on Berklee College of Boston, MA. It was an amazing experience to move across country and attend Berklee...I went in a rocker , and was introduced to blues, jazz , funk , fusion, etc... music nonstop! After returning home to CA, I studied Recording at Grove Music School in Van Nuys. I then started working as an intern at a studio, doing Session work, and playing in various cover bands. I started writing songs and recorded my first CD, "Heart & Soul". it released in Japan on Tricycle Records...I showcased that CD about 2 years...ending that chapter New Year's Eve 2002 at Galaxy Theatre with Dick Dale. In 2003 I started playing in Cover Bands , by 2005, became The Kim Martin Band .... still a power trio! After 9 years ---The Kim Martin Band is still going strong-One of the Busiest Bands Around So-Cal----with an average of over 200 shows a year consistently! I have also recently began work on a new CD, " I'm a very creative person and I love the challenge of song writing." Looking forward to a release of a CD in the near future! You can check out my ballad "I'll Stay" on the music page of this site...I'm also available as a Session Player/Contract Musician....Lots of exciting things happening right now!