Joanna Burns
Joanna Burns What’s so great about this music? Joanna, as a musician, doesn’t necessarily want to rock her audience, though she wouldn’t be adverse to this idea of rocking, she wants to move them... and groove them where necessary. And she wants them to come away remembering something that felt like it was written about them personally.

That’s the Joanna difference.

She was raised around music, singing harmonies in her mother’s station wagon for as far back as she can remember. Though much of her relationship with music was developed through hours of sitting in her room with her keyboard figuring out film scores and pop songs, she finally gave in and went with traditional schooling to learn the rest.

Now when you look at this pale, white girl, you may not initially think, "That girl must have soul!" But we feel like a few seconds later, you may change your mind, and think, "Wait a minute, yes she does." Citing influences from Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey to Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple, she has concocted a delicious mixture of style, satisfying all of those interests.