Atish San Francisco-based Atish is rising quickly in the international dance music scene. Raised in the Chicago suburbs and schooled in the hard sciences to become a computer engineer, Atish's left-brained technical precision complement his sensitive, emotional approach to sound. His musical career started at age five as a classically trained violinist. Since, he's taken on other instruments including trombone, tuba, guitar, drums, and bass, and over the years, he's played in jazz, rock, and marching bands, even enjoying a stint in hip-hop production. This all led to his true love, the art of DJing.

Atish describes his style as expressive melodic deep house: music that sings to the soul while moving the dance floor, communicating the joy of love, the depths of darkness, and intensity of a spiritual dance music journey for himself and anyone listening. Energized by the relationship between DJ and dancefloor, Atish is known for his quirky stage persona, donning costumes, wigs, and even a wedding dress during gigs. But don't let the free wheeling expression fool you - Atish is a disciplined artist with an unhealthy obsession for technical and artistic perfection.

Since his first DJ gig at a small bar in 2010, Atish's sound has taken him from the local San Francisco scene to music festivals, clubs, and afterhours gigs around the world. He's earned the respect of legendary DJs, notably Lee Burridge, who has hand picked Atish to tag with and open for him. In just two and a half years, Atish has gained an avid following of fans and the respect of fellow underground artists. Coming off two tours in 2012 which included stops in Zurich, Berlin, Tokyo, and Cologne and with another upcoming Asian tour this spring, the quirky Atish shows no signs of slowing down.