Vine Street Vibes
Vine Street Vibes Vine Street Vibes is the musical perpetuation of positive energy and resounding creativity. The band features six Colorado musicians, all dedicated to delivering a unique performance that pushes the boundary between electro-funk and instrumental dance jams.

VSV originated in the basements and garages of Denver and immediately began building off of common influence like STS9, Lotus, and the Motet. They have rapidly emerged into Denver’s immersive music scene and have begun paving the way towards a new style of organic dance music that strives for an enormous professional sound through heavy instrumental funk and creative incorporation of digital techniques and synthesizers.

The group has played extensively around Denver at venues like The Bluebird Theater, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Cervantes Other Side, Quixote's True Blue, The Donkey OT's, Black Mountain Music Festival, and at the Historic Train Depot in Laramie, WY.

Together they have shared the stage with Earphunk, Gift of Gab (aka Blackalicious), Eminence Ensemble, Dynohunter, Whiskey Tango, Soul Explosion, Mingo Fishtrap, The Magic Beans, Disco Floyd, Spyn Reset, Robbie Peoples & the Congress, James & The Devil, Ishi, and many more.

Through rigorous experimentation and intense collaboration, VSV strives to create a strong mixture of psychedelic funk jams, with elements of disco and old-school hip hop all combined to get audiences out of their chairs and dancing all night.