Ship Wrecks
Ship Wrecks Ship Wrecks is an acoustic, indie-folk duo based in Elizabethtown, PA: Paul plays guitar pretty well and sings; Michelle plunks around on guitar and sings better. The band has been compared to Bright Eyes, Kind of Like Spitting, Brand New (circa 2003), The Swell Season, Kevin Devine, Damien Rice, Elliot Smith, and Cursive.

Following their successful ten-day tour of New England, Paul and Michelle have played all types of shows around the Mid-Atlantic region, from bars to all-ages clubs to coffee shops to intimate house shows. They are experienced enough and excited to play larger circuits with national acts.

The name "Ship Wrecks" requires a bit of explanation. Michelle came up with the name "Shipwreck," which also happens to be a Boston hardcore band, and Paul decided that it was more clever to make it a complete sentence, subject and verb. "Ship wrecks." Get it?

From living rooms to bars to wedding receptions, Ship Wrecks has played a diverse selection of shows and they will make a lasting impression wherever they play next.