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    • How Should We Maintain the Cube Ice Machine
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    • Cube ice machine is a very typical equipment that we may usually utilize in our ordinary life.

    • Cube ice machine is a very typical equipment that we may usually utilize in our ordinary life, but few people ignore the fact that the dirty ice is caused by the impurity contained in the water and this can be solved by utilizing the filter which can make the water to be more pure and clear sufficient for usage. But the more crucial issue we should pay attention to is that we should execute the cleaning and sanitization of the ice machine from time to time to guarantee its function is working routinely.

      One vital part of the machine you should cleanse more carefully is the ice bin for bin contacts the ice directly and if not cleaned at a certain time, there would be huge amounts of bacteria and germ gathered on the bin wall and should be utilized with neutral cleanser for cleaning. Furthermore, they advise for the elimination of ice by using sanitized plastic scoops and clean hands.

      When you learn that there exists some strange with the ice, for instance, the ice get broken easily, then you should examine the filter to see if it is dirty and if so, you should clear it immediately. In any other case, then you should also examine the air filter to ensure it is air-cooled.

      Most of the time, sustaining the ice machine is not a very complicated task given that you pay close attention to the detail and use the proper operation method in accordance with the instruction manuals. It is strongly suggested that you can keep the servicing tips listed on the guide book at heart so that you can enable your cube ice machine to have a long lifespan.

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    • 8/5/12 11:37PM