Date: (Thu) March 1 at 8pm
Description: John Zorn, Medeski Martin & Wood, Marc Ribot, Laurie Anderson, Joe Lovano, Lee Ranaldo, Don Byron, Mike Doughty and more join together to celebrate this historic club
Ticket Price: $52, 38 & 25
Where to get Tickets: On sale at Ticketmaster now
Producer: Michael Dorf

Michael Dorf
Legendary concert promoter Michael Dorf will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Knitting Factory (which he made famous), with an all-star benefit at New York's Town Hall on March 1. The event will raise money for John Zorn's artist's womb, The Stone, and features a number of the Knits most famous alumni.

Artists currently scheduled to perform include John Zorn, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Medeski Martin & Wood, Joe Lovano, Marc Ribot, Lee Ranaldo, Don Byron, and Mike Doughty.

[Published on: 1/9/07]

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NickBoeka Tue 1/9/2007 02:58PM
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I think I just crapped my pants....Zorn, MMW and Ribot in the same room, done deal.

jhrt3349 Tue 1/9/2007 03:51PM
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theorb419 Tue 1/9/2007 07:47PM
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Isn't Marc Ribot the guitarist who plays that awesome solo on "Worms" from MMW's It's A Jungle In Here?

mrkrinkle6884 starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/9/2007 11:24PM
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Really should add Cyro Baptista on perc. and man oh man what a show. Closest thing I will ever get to see of Electric Massada.

Hotchkiss starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 12:46AM
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this is the coolest thing i've ever heard!

the knitting factory celebrates 20 years by throwing a benefit for another venue.

john zorn changed my life drastically, and for that i'm for ever grateful.

gifthorse76 starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 03:19AM
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Yep this is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Too bad jambase will be too busy covering Jack White's latest garage band to give it the attention it deserves. Anyone that tapes this has to give a link for the sake of everything that is sacred

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 08:24AM
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....i heard they were turning the knitting factory into a Fossil clothing this true?

FatChance Wed 1/10/2007 08:33AM
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well since they consistenly oversell the knitting factory in NYC and then it's too tight to even dance in there---it's turned into a sweatbox with no ventillation----what used to be an amazing place has now got a bad reputation for overselling gigs and making the place uncomfortable---i used to work at the knit so i know.

NYC listen up----which venue is going to step up and fill the jamband void that Wetlands left? San Fran has de-throned NYC and now offers the best jamband scene.

Kindskatz Wed 1/10/2007 08:52AM
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You lucky NYC bastards.....

Matis Wed 1/10/2007 08:53AM
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SF fosho, but I dont think they ever lost that title

garcia77 Wed 1/10/2007 09:12AM
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I just bought my front row ticket! $48 after taxes. Offcenter to the right

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 10:36AM
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stobi - i like the vibe alot more here but there is now way we have surpassed NYC. Kimmock even moved there!

SF needs late night events with live music and a large jam venue that is not Clear Channel controlled (they cant all be Cervante's Masterpeice Ballroom). i say jamband around here to talent buyers/club owners and fans alike and they are like "oh you mean blues jam...we do that here on mondays" clue! club owners are all boned up on the jam/boneroo/whatever scene in Tampa, FL but here im surprised how clueless alot of people are so i resort to this...i say 'jamband' they look confused and say 'blues jam night?' so i wind up saying..."you know... stuff like the Gratefull Dead...they are a local heard of 'em". they still look confused...not yet aware of the jam marketing paradigm at all...

jonathanleeder Thu 1/11/2007 07:22AM
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Sounds like a good show. I will say this about Michael Dorf though, complete, ruthless, classless asshole. In 2000-2001 I was a technical recruiter/headhunter in NYC, and I had a few dealings with him. He was completely dishonest, cheap, and wasted tons of hours of my time, before I just gave up on trying to close a deal with him. When I politely explained why he went out of his way to continue calling my office and trying to have me fired aftrer I had bent over backwards trying to help him. FYI, this guy is no saint.

OysterDead starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 08:16AM
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Amazing Line Up!!!
NYC has got this music scene on lock down.

Ribot come to the south and play!

ecoben Thu 1/11/2007 10:32AM
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Thanks Michael Dorf for all that you do.

This guy, Dorf, is no saint. He and another family decided that they wanted their WeekEnd Home to be 4500 feet up in the Shawangunk Ridge instead of along the valley of the ridge - which is where everyone else lives and has lived for centuries. Thanks to Michael Dorf, there is now development in the 'Gunks of upstate New York.

(as reported on

When the Town of Gardiner's Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals decided to allow a variance for a 3-lot subdivision on a long, narrow flaglot of 38 acres that stretches up the mountain, neighbors filed an Article 78 petition to the Supreme Court of Ulster County in November of 2004. The land is owned by George Gatch, Michael Dorf and others who wish to locate two new houses on upper elevations at a extended distance from the road, with a driveway of approximately 4500'.

Save the Ridge joined this suit, because development above the 750' elevation and an extremely long driveway on ecologically sensitive land might establish an unfortunate precedent. This petition requests that the Town enforce its zoning restrictions as to side lot setbacks and minimum lot width without variance.

Decision: In March of 2005 Judge Vincent Bradley upheld the Planning Board and Zoning Board's determination as legal and found the petitioners' objections insubstantial.

Bylimb Fri 1/19/2007 11:12PM
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Just got my tickets..front row, balcony....should be a wonderful evening!
As for all the Dorf lovers, doesn't it suck when you work within the system and the people that are made out to be soooo wonderful are the exact opposite! But thats what happens...the entertainment business turns some people into monsters! I can't stand it when I read stuff about some artists in the scene that people absolutley love... if they only knew what they were really like!
Karl Denson comes to mind.
However, sometimes other artists in the scene balance the negatives w/ the DJ Logic!

MichaelDorf starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 11:04AM
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Hey, nice to see people's interest in the show. Thanks, it will be a very cool night. As an overly sensative guy, there are two posts I need to comment on. Mr. Leeder, we certainly dissagreed then, but you oversold me on an incompetent hire, period. And to you Eco Ben, come on. I've had a house there for 15 years and live a very green lifestyle up there. I was 100% for Save the Ridge and fought development. You are very incorrect in your information. I invite you to email me directly, and let's set up a time to have coffee up in the Gunks. I care deeply about the community up there and think it is important to get it right. So, please reach out to me.


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