Widespread Panic wants to thank you for making last year’s Tunes for Tots charity concert such a huge success! Together, we raised over $100,000 that directly purchased musical equipment for The Union Grove High School Guitar Club, The Lovejoy marching band and a music classroom at Barnett Shoals Elementary School.

As you may know, good instruments are very expensive and many more schools are under-funded and in need, so Widespread Panic has decided to do it all again! The 2nd Annual Tunes For Tots charity concert will be December 29th at the Roxy Theatre in Atlanta GA. Tickets go on sale December 2nd. Check out the Tour dates page for ticket prices and show details.

Widespread Panic believes that art education, and in particular music education, is integral to the overall education and advancement of children. Art allows for personal expression, appreciation of ideas, celebration of cultural awareness, sharing emotions, and gives purpose to life. Widespread Panic agrees with research findings that art education supports more traditional academic subjects as well as being a worthy pursuit in its own right.

All proceeds directly purchase musical equipment for school kids in Georgia.

[Published on: 11/29/06]

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phishmanxx Wed 11/29/2006 01:44PM
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Great Band, Great Cause, Good Times

theorb419 starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/29/2006 03:15PM
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pat5507 starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/29/2006 03:50PM
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I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this last year. It was incredible! Seeing them in such anintimate enviroment was undoubtedly something very, very special. Keep up the good work boys! I'll be doing the new years run again.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstar Thu 11/30/2006 06:05AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

125 dollars!!!!! damn.. i am not made of money...

my money tree died... :((( well I hope they blow the roof off..

peace ya'll

Lenox Thu 11/30/2006 08:14AM
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haha, i graduated in 2005 from Union Grove High School. I remember the year they created the guitar club. so random lol

jackiesoup Fri 12/1/2006 09:51AM
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Good cause from an unbelievably boring band.

hellyeah Fri 12/1/2006 12:42PM
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sure jackiesoup, way to pair your trolling anti wsp comment with a commendation on their cause. and praytell what is your favorite band jackiesoup, so we can all respond in kind?

mdavisato123 Fri 12/1/2006 03:44PM
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The FOX Sucks!!! U Should Be Glad... it's at Roxy. SCI at the Fox was a great show but the venue staff is terrible.

jackiesoup Sat 12/2/2006 08:16AM
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Dear 'hellyeah'
wide spread panic are my favorite band.
Good cause.

cocheese Mon 12/4/2006 08:39AM
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WHOA! hey now, first off it's the Fabolous Fox Theatre. It is one of the greatest venues this country is lucky to still have. They almost tore it down several years ago, thank God they didn't, to probably build a parking lot. The Fabolous Fox has never let me down. I've been pretty tore down in that place and the staff never hassled me, always kindly showed me the way to the nearest bathroom or exit. I'm sure whatever bad experience you had with the staff, was just them doing their job. The Fox is an historic place we should be glad to be still be able enjoy it's awesome acoustics and ambience.

Ashley starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/9/2007 01:24PM
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the small venue, great crowd, and incredible performance made for a perfect evening!