From www.johnbrownsbody.com:

Scott Palmer
Our bass player Scott Palmer [John Brown's Body] passed away today at 12 noon. As you may know, Scott was diagnosed with cancer in January of this year. As the bass player for JBB since 2002, Scott was immediately a family member within JBB, blessing us with his great warmth, humor, charm, and of course monstrous bass playing. We are sad beyond words to have lost him today.

Condolences can be sent to Scott's family:
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Palmer
PO Box 148
Pultneyville N.Y. 14538

R.I.P. Scottie - we love you.


[Published on: 6/7/06]

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Death Cube K Wed 6/7/2006 01:58PM
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Death Cube K

A great band, Roots of Creation, friends of mine, have told me what a great artist and man Scott Palmer is. This is a terrible time for music. Let us remember our fallen comrades.

koach star Wed 6/7/2006 02:30PM
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ive been a fan of this band for years, yet i have never seen them, i am deeply saddened by this news, but like jbb say themselves, "I want to be among them lord, them going to zion" Scott is for sure AMONG THEM< RIP BROTHER MAN

shainhouse Wed 6/7/2006 03:50PM
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I hate cancer so much.

Foominaut Wed 6/7/2006 09:59PM
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we love ya man

krsmall Thu 6/8/2006 07:04AM
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so many great men have died recently with vince, ramrod and now scott this is a tough time in music

deadhead7 Thu 6/8/2006 07:05AM
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So sad. Loved these guys for years and actually got to chat with Scott once after a show. Its such a shame. Hopefully JBB will go on in full force... I will be seeing them tonight for free in Rochester. http://www.upallnightconcerts.com/jbb06.htm

krooked Thu 6/8/2006 09:30AM
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the best bass player ever !!! u will be missed greatly

b-nasty Thu 6/8/2006 01:09PM
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This is heartbreaking news. I feel blessed to have seen his final show on NYE. RIP Scott.

ace1 Thu 6/8/2006 01:48PM
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Thanks for posting this story, and to all those that wrote. Scott was a tremendous person; immensly funny, generous, and interested in the world around him. As you also know, he was an amazingly gifted bass player with a low end sound like no other. We will all miss him tremendously.


claypool4life Thu 6/8/2006 06:16PM
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RIP Scott seen JBB twice once the opened for the wailers and blew them out of the water. one of the most high enerygy bands ever and he was the source of their groove thanx for the music scott spirits all around us is an amzing album

msb starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/9/2006 07:33AM
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Scott was a tremendous artist and an all around great guy. This is sad news. Fans will also know his playing from Knockout and the original DJ Logic Project as well as, of course, JBB. Thanks for the vibes Scott!

cptpowder Fri 6/9/2006 11:19AM
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Peace, LOve and light be with you Scotty

FormulaOBX Fri 6/9/2006 11:26AM
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"Love the one you're with.."

yakman1 starstarstarstarstar Sat 6/10/2006 05:01PM
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I saw my first JBB show 2 or 3 years ago, and i have loved them ever since. I am soooo sorry to hear about Scott, he was an EXCELLENT bassist and i loved to watch him play. Good luck with everthing guys, keep on keepin on, PEACE Mike from Buffalo

hippiessmell starstarstarstarstar Tue 6/20/2006 10:18AM
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phatty boom batty/ baseball bat/ one end skinny/ one end phat