Words by Amirose Eisenbach :: Images by Josh Miller

A Mid Winter Night's Dream :: 02.19.06 :: Oddfellows Hall :: Santa Rosa, CA

A Mid Winter Night's Dream

We all crave to feed our senses with experiences that inspire and stretch the boundaries of our passions. For those of us who sometimes feel trapped in a winter funk, music can offer the needed escape. Falcor and Friends Presents A Mid Winter Night's Dream boasted performances from an all star jam that was almost too good to be true and two huge, smoking sets from headliners Perpetual Groove.

Upon arrival a couple of hours before the evening was set to begin, I watched the empty hall gradually transform into a whimsical playhouse. Complete with hundreds of glow sticks, balloons, massive amounts of glitter, and a plentiful array of beautiful people, A Mid Winter Night's Dream was surely a wonderful night to remember. Collaborative and multifaceted efforts from Falcor and Friends Productions ensured the evening's success, as the team worked hard to generate a comfortable and fun ambiance for all who attended. The event and the conductors behind the experience provided insight into the power, energy, and intrigue of music.

Brock Butler - PGroove :: A Mid Winter Night's Dream

The always inventive Perpetual Groove graced us with two hugely jam-packed sets. They once again enticed their eager spectators with their high, playful energy and funky, melodic tracks. Taking their audience on a journey through the vast plains of color and movement, they laid down raw and compelling music. The waves of green and blue lasers set on queue to the rhythms greatly enhanced the fantastic mood that was floating around the venue. They starting their set with Lionel Richie's "All Night Long," and the crowd's adrenaline began pumping for what was destined to be a long night of dancing and grooving.

M. Fierro & B. Butler :: A Mid Winter Night's Dream

The PGroove sound invades your soul with purpose, cutting through you like a sharp knife traveling at light speed. The energy they generate is spellbinding, resulting from years of playing together. The harmonious fusions released by songs like "3 Weeks" and "TTFPJ" was proof of the intense effect an incredibly tight jam has over a crowd. "TTFPJ" brought on some of the biggest energy of the night when the band had the whole crowd screaming "Falcor is the man!" The almost telepathic kind of energy that Perpetual Groove shares, which strongly separates jam bands from other musicians out there, produces improvisational and moving music that leaves dropped jaws in their wake. Perpetual Groove's intense performance kept fans dancing until nearly four in the morning. Along with their savvy originals, PGroove dug deep to the roots of oldies and goodies, with classics such as "Get Down Tonight," "Get Down On It" and the best rendition of "Summertime" I've ever heard, which segued into the hugely popular Steve Adams (ALO) tune, "The Gardner."

S. Adams & Falcor :: A Mid Winter Night's Dream

There was never a dull moment on the dance floor. Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by sparkly smiling faces, adorned in bright colors and intricate costumes. Fairies, gnomes, turtles, and an exotic array of other glittering creatures created an extremely positive vibe as they held down the dance floor. Balloons fell like shooting stars from the ceiling onto hundreds of happy sweaty bodies. Matt Layton, Falcor himself, grooved to the music in his electric hot pink flamingo attire.

All Star Jam :: A Mid Winter Night's Dream

Another incredible musical affair was the All Star Jam. Jordan Feinstein from The Ritual, Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams from ALO, and Brian Jordan from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe fused their creative talents on stage. Inkx Herman from Hamsa Lila and Martin Fierro joined them, and the result left me utterly captivated. When you need to look around at faces of nearby participants to ensure that what's going on is real, you can rest assured that what you're witnessing is history in the making. Musical chemistry is simply there or it's not, and in no way can it ever be forced. I assure you friends and jealous non-attendees, the chemistry between these amazing musical revolutionaries was present and in full vigor. The richness absorbed from the collaboration of these brilliant musicians stretches the meaning of the word "jam" itself. The set-closing "Sneaking Sally" speaks for itself. The members of the crowd could not help put pinch themselves, muttering the word "epic" over and over.

Matt McDonald (PGroove) :: A Mid Winter Night's Dream

Motion Potion ensured that the room remained in constant movement in between the musical sets. Mixing old-school tracks with tight break-beats, he offered a slick transition into the three sets of live music. The floor cleared out dramatically as expected at set breaks, but the people who remained kept the positive vibe flowing like the sweet wine that was being served. DJ Motion Potion helped ease the anticipation of the fervent crowd as he filled the room with waves of melodic cadence, blending classics from Dee Lite, Phish, Panic and so many others.

The evening was an epic one, and all attendees seemed reluctant to leave when the time did unfortunately arrive. Those attempting to hold on to the last few moments of the magic participated in an extremely slow exodus out of the venue and into the parking lot. The great success of the party was surely felt by all.

The evening could be summed up in one word, quality. The snacks, food, alcohol, energy, decorations and of course music were all quality. The immense dedication and love for the arts that Falcor and Friends exemplify should allow them to continue to provide an epicenter for likeminded artists and their appreciators to focus their energies in the exploration of sound and movement. Falcor and Friends thankfully have several exciting events coming up. At the Mystic Theatre on Sunday April 9th, An Evening with Umphrey's McGee is guaranteed to be a mind-blowing experience, and on April 28th and 29th at the 12 Galaxies in San Francisco, Falcor and Friends will be co-presenting long-time friends ALO for what is guaranteed to be an absolute throw-down. They have also just announced plans to bring back mAyfLOwers, a full sensory ALO experience with special guests Moonshine Still. mAyfLOwers will be held in Santa Rosa at the Los Robles Lodge on Sunday May 28th. Tickets will be available April 1st through In Ticketing.

Check out Perpetual Groove performing "TSMM" on JamCam.

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Wilson75 starstarstarstar Mon 3/20/2006 11:31PM
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Sounds like a bash only Matt Layton could throw! Can't wait for Mayflowers 2 hope to get plenty of moonshine still in the mix. ALO and Moonshine with the addition of this kind of planning sounds like a dream come true