MOV at Wakarusa 2005
The last seven years of playing in an almost constantly touring band has taught me several important fundamentals, which can all be applied to nearly any given situation an individual may face in a lifetime. One of these lessons I have learned and seen the benefits of time and time again is the realization that despite how bad the situation gets, even when it descends below levels you weren't even sure existed, you must pick up your pieces and continue down the path you have chosen. Simply moving on. I feel so strongly about this lesson that a great deal of the words I write are based on the idea. Just this morning I received results from a biopsy I underwent last week indicating that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is cancer of the blood cells. It is a highly curable form of cancer which I intend to beat.

The future of Mountain of Venus is still questionable, however I would like to mention that words and music are still coming to me and I plan to continue getting the message and the music out to anyone who wants to not only hear, but to listen.

I truly thank everyone who has helped along the way, I appreciate your concerns, and I absolutely assure you I do not take for granted all the wonderful souls who love me and who are beside me.

Dave Gesualdo

We had intended to make our final tour happen, but as we all know, "All could change at the drop of a dime." We have had to make a few decisions concerning the tour based on Dave's health, and have decided to cancel our scheduled tour dates in order to focus on the healing process. HOWEVER, we have decided that FrankFest is still on the agenda. In fact, we hope to make it a three day, high-energy, love-and-music-filled event. We have a feeling it will be unforgettable.

For those of you who cannot make it, we know that you are with us in spirit, and we thank you all for everything you have done for MOV over the years, and continue to do in these challenging times. Any of you who would like to request more information on FrankFest VIII, taking place October 7-9 in Ironia, NJ, please contact us.

I have said it so many times before, but now it seems more pertinent than ever. You, our family, have kept us alive over the years with support and encouragement that we consider priceless, and our gratitude cannot fully be expressed in mere words. I assure you all of this: OUR MUSIC WILL GO ON. We intend, as we always have, to bring this message and this music to "the masses." So please keep in touch and look forward to the next manifestation of this collective. It will be good...

[Published on: 9/29/05]

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