The winter was long and bitter, bitter cold. The spring was no relief -- cool, soggy months where April showers brought May showers. But cheer up folks cause it's summer -- the season of beaches and barbecues and bikinis and... wait a minute, do you hear something? That loud guitar-like sound screeching from across the water; the sound of cool kids partying down is floating downstream; the sound of -- OH MY GOD LOOK OUT!! That's right, it's BACK! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series is back and bigger and badder than a summer blockbuster. This ain't no prequel and it ain't no sequel, it's the real thing with some old favorites and some big time new faces and of course the musical version of old TV shows turned into movies: tribute bands by the boatful.

Once again, there are two boats bringing you twice as much fun as there would be if it was only one boat. The gallant, posh Temptress and the down-and-dirty Half Moon are waiting to take you away on a magical, mystery tour of the island of Manhattan.

The listings are too numerous to detail fully, but some highlights:

Rock your socks off with:

Derek "bleeping" Trucks & band will play Jedi Knight on the Temptress on 6/22; Cowboy Mouth on the Temptress on 6/29; swampland favorites MOFRO will get down on the Temptress on 7/8; cruise-ship legends RANA will get Ra-nasty on the Half Moon on 7/12 and things will get ugly when you hear the Sound of Urchin on the Half Moon on 8/12 and of course a whole lot more.

Get the jammy in your whammy with:

GFE on the Temptress on 7/13; ain't no brunch nor lunch with The Breakfast on the Half Moon on 8/3; plenty of bluegrass for your ass on 8/3 with the Hot Buttered Rum String Band on 8/9; Jimmy Herring hooks up with his old pal Col Bruce in a classic buddy pic with the rest of the Codetalkers on the Temptress on 8/8; take the Half Moon to the exotic lands inside your own head with Garaj Mahal on 8/11; and if we squeeze we might be able to make some room for you to join the party that is the political thriller Antibalas on the Temptress on 8/18.

Honeymooners, Bewitched -- boring, pay tribute to the originals with:

Parrotbeach (Jimmy Buffet) should be hosting quite the party on 6/20 on the Half Moon; Unforgettable Fire (U2) on the Temptress on 6/24; Theater of Pain (Motley Crue) battles Unchained (Van Halen) in the war of the curls on the Half Moon on 7/15; Deva (Devo) does the chick flick on the Half Moon on 7/27; the Temptress will feature the world's premier Pink Floyd tribute band, The Machine on 7/30; and drop your line off the deck to hook some Badfish (Sublime) on the Temptress on 8/5.

And there's a whole lot more independent theater hitting every genre you could imagine and sure to garner some good summer buzz, so don't miss out on:

Reggae with the Cannabis Cup Band (6/24); 2 Skinnee J's (7/18); Black 47 (7/21); a classic night of New Orleans brass on the Temptress with Dirty Dozen Brass Band (7/21); Cracker on the Temptress on 7/26; RJD2 does the sci-fi thing (8/5)...

When you're on the boat, the air smells fresher, your drink tastes tastier, the party is more electric and the music just sounds better. So, get your life preserver and flip flops out of the closet and get on the water, Jaws has got nothing on the creature Rocks Off has created. Click here for full listing and details and click here to win some tickets!

Aaron Stein
JamBase | NYC
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[Published on: 6/21/05]

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