Only the real life neighbor (Will Bradford of Bangor, ME) of horror novelist Stephen King could come up with such a frighteningly addictive project. SeepeopleS is a politically-charged electronic rock quartet (think Radiohead meets Beta Band with a dash of Kula Shaker and Air) that has been turning heads on the indie rock scene, earning critical acclaim and an obsessive underground fan base in the eastern U.S. and beyond. I've recently had the fortunate experience of seeing this band perform live as SeepeopleS has relocated from the Northeast down to the comfy confines of mountain-laden Asheville, North Carolina. With Peter Keys on keyboards of George Clinton's crew joining on with the band on a permanent basis, this lineup is eerily exciting. I recently sat down with songwriter/leader/multi-instrumentalist Will Bradford and we delved deep into the inner workings of The Corn Syrup Conspiracy and beyond.

Gasper: Everyone is starting to ask, who is SeepeopleS?

Bradford: We are fishermen from the north! Just kidding. SeepeopleS is the name of our national campaign to promote hanging out with people instead of machines. And lord knows what we're up against with Xbox, PlayStation, and treadmills.

Gasper: What has it been like reuniting the original lineup for the release of The Corn Syrup Conspiracy?

Bradford: I am very excited about reuniting with the original lineup. It was one of the strangest and most beautiful moments. We all enjoyed making music together and I don't think we had too many musical differences, but sometimes the grind catches up with people and they need a break. To me, having kept the band going the whole time the others were gone makes for another interesting chapter of this journey. Plus, it is nice to have my two battery mates back.

Gasper: Tell me a bit about Dan [Ingenthron, bass] Tim [Haney, drums], and what it's like to make music with them.

Will Bradford :: SeepeopleS
Bradford: Tim and I grew up together, and as a kid I was very close with his family. I first started playing with him when he was 13, and I must mention that he was the only regularly gigging fifteen year old I have ever met. Interestingly enough, I started my music career playing in his older brother's band when I was a freshman in high school. I have known Dan since he was attending Berklee in Boston. He is a true genius, someone whose musical visions have few if any limitations. I am so excited to have him back on stage and even more anxious to have him back in the studio. I think his contributions were enormous to our first record, For the Good of the Nation, especially the fact that he wrote a couple songs on that album.

Pete Keys has settled in nicely behind the keyboards for your touring unit. Where did you meet Pete and what is it like to work with him?

Pete has simply been the icing on the cake. I met him backstage at a Parliament (Original P) show, and he got screwed on a ride to the airport so I obliged. Weeks later he was in the studio, and now he is on tour. He gets called out to play with George Clinton and 420 Funk Mob. I have not met a person with a better outlook on life, totally willing to "slum" it in the van with us after years of rock and roll luxury. I am fortunate to get to play with musicians of this caliber, and appreciate the fact that they enjoy contributing to my projects.

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